Dec 31, 2015

Home for the Holidays

I can't believe this year is already almost over! This year has brought me so much joy in my life that I don't even know how God can top it. But, God is always good and He will bring me more love I'm sure ;)  But this year hasn't just brought me love and joy but more faith through the circumstances God has placed in mine and my Husbands life. Countless weeks in the hospital with his dad, moving to a whole new state/life, new church, new friends, and new beginnings. But through it all and through our weaknesses God made us stronger. I cannot comprehend how much love he has poured into our lives and I am so grateful for everything He has given me. And, I'm so thankful for all the support I've been given through this blog and I hope I have been an encouragement and a spiritual light in your life. 

To the new year and all the things to come and to continually Be Lovely Always.

Dec 30, 2015


This trip was so amazing! For Christmas every year my husbands side of the family goes somewhere different so this year we went to Galveston, TX. My husband grew up going there for holidays but it had been before hurricane Ike since he had been back. We stayed in a cute condo right on the beach and spent good quality family time with all of my amazing in laws. You know how most people don't like there in-laws? Well, I LOVE mine!! They are so loving and I wouldn't think of changing one thing about them! 

Enjoy all of our crazy family pictures with people picking there noses lol and I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and that you remembered the reason for the season. Best gift ever given was the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ!

Oh and we got to go to Magnolia Market in Waco, TX!!!

Dec 27, 2015

Birthday Outfit!

Just wanted to share my birthday outfit with you guys! I really was not looking forward to turning 24 because I barely remembered I was 23 and now it changed again haha. But, my amazing husband got me these Hunter boots and I am in love! I don't know how I lived without them ;)

Dec 17, 2015

Winter Plaid

Sometimes I forget how time flies. This weekend will be mine and my Husbands 6 month anniversary!!! That is so crazy to me, I feel like we just got married yesterday! And, to top it off, my Pugsley bear just recently turned 8 months old and weighs over 45 pounds! I think I'm going to use exclamation points throughout this whole paragraph! lol. During this past week I felt so unmotivated to plan my outfits so thats why i've been slacking. I literally have been looked everywhere for a Christmas plaid blanket scarf that was reasonably priced and I found this one at old navy and I LOVE IT! I'll link the scarf below. Love you all! XO

Scarf: OldNavy sold-out (similar)
Cardigan: JCPenney

Dec 14, 2015

How We Met

The story about how my husband and I met is honestly one of my most favorite stories to tell. Like the majority of couples I know theres at least one breakup and that's the same for me and Levi.

 I was not looking to date, I just wanted to pretend college was like going to a very long youth camp lol. But, we first Met our Freshman year in college. My best friend Anna and I  were going to a food place at our college when we first met Levi. He was very nice and very tall lol. While we were talking to him and his friend I went to get our food. While getting the food I was asked out by another guy. Supposedly, Levi wanted to ask me out after we were talking but when I got back to the table I told my friend I had just gotten asked out by that guy. Unfortunately, my husband gave up and we didn't really talk anymore until our sophomore year in college where we took a bible class together. We both had a last name that began with an "S" so we sat next to each other. He ended up asking me out on a  date that next semester.

 I will never forget our first date because I was a nervous wreck and I could tell he was nervous too because his hands were shaking!! I felt so bad for him, I am so not the nervous maker type haha. He bought Mexican food and all kinds of Ice Cream Sundae stuff to make afterwards and he was just the sweetest thing. We really hit it off and I was so excited when he asked me to go to a Valentines Banquet with him. It was a few months later when he asked me to be his girlfriend on top of the Sears/Willis tower in Chicago. :) That summer I ended up going on a trip to Colorado with his family and LOVED it!! I can't say enough about his family/ my family now. They were absolutely so amazing and so sweet just like my husband. But, the first month back at college of our Junior year I broke up with him. I cried so hard but I knew there were some things I had to get settled with God before we went any further with our relationship. We talked off and on throughout our Junior year but we never made a definite decision to get back together. It wasn't until the beginning our our Senior year that we finally got back together. It was a very hard year for us because I had student teaching and I worked almost a full time job to pay my bill so we hardly ever saw each other. But, we made it through and graduated together :) After a year of living long distance Levi asked me to marry him on August 29, 2014.

The Place in Colorado <3