Oct 29, 2015

First Post

Hello loves, I am so excited to finally start my blog! I've been really praying about starting one and just wanting a place I can put all my thoughts and memories into one place. Over the past few years i've been following a few blogs and they have inspired me in so many ways. Not just in fashion or food but how to make the most out of your life and to enjoy all the little things in-between. So in honor of my love, today's first post will be about one of the best days of my life. The day I got to marry my best friend. 

Levi and I met at a bible college in Indiana. I first met him my freshman year but it wasn't until we had a class together our sophomore year that I noticed him. We sat next to each other because both our last names started with an S. So long story short, a couple of break ups later, God thought we were ready to get married. Although it has only been four months I know that I love him more and more each day. Not because of how great he or I's love is but because of how great and gracious our God is towards us. Our perfect love can only come from God and I am so glad I married a man who loves God more than he loves me.

Cake by: andeverythingnicebakery.com
Photography: gabeandbrit.com