May 8, 2016

Mothers Day! 💕

Hey lovelies!!! It's been so long I just can't even with myself right now lol there will be A LOT more posts this summer but I had to do this one. So my mom hates taking pictures. Like if you want to take a picture with her it has to be the apocalypse or something for her to do it. Long story short my sister and I surprised her a week ago saying we were going to "dinner" down in old town...which is this really cute part of Albuquerque where it has all these old house and churches made of Adobe.. And our photographer Sarah met us there. She was so surprised but she did it! :))) I was joking with my mom saying that we were going to use these pictures at her funeral because she REFUSES to take pictures with us haha she didn't agree but OH WELL. So I just wanted to tell you guys how amazing my mom is and how blessed I am to call her my mommy!! God loves me so much because he gave me her! Shout out to all the mommys out there! Maybe it'll be me one day ;) If you're in need of an amazing and easygoing photographer in New Mexico check out Sarah's website {}

We also went to this cute restaurant  off Rio Grande in Albuquerque called Los Poblamos