Dec 31, 2015

Home for the Holidays

I can't believe this year is already almost over! This year has brought me so much joy in my life that I don't even know how God can top it. But, God is always good and He will bring me more love I'm sure ;)  But this year hasn't just brought me love and joy but more faith through the circumstances God has placed in mine and my Husbands life. Countless weeks in the hospital with his dad, moving to a whole new state/life, new church, new friends, and new beginnings. But through it all and through our weaknesses God made us stronger. I cannot comprehend how much love he has poured into our lives and I am so grateful for everything He has given me. And, I'm so thankful for all the support I've been given through this blog and I hope I have been an encouragement and a spiritual light in your life. 

To the new year and all the things to come and to continually Be Lovely Always.

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